What does ‘agility’

really mean to

marketers today?

The meaning of agility in modern marketing

According to Inc., the four most essential components of an agile marketing team are implementing daily standup meetings, utilizing user stories, holding agile retro meetings, and work-in-progress limits, where only a specific number of projects can be worked on at any given time.

Covid-19 has challenged the operating and business models of many companies that have had to adapt to continue operating and thrive. For example, BestBuy had a plan for curbside pickup and delivery that was supposed to take 18 months to implement. However, when the lockdown hit, the company went operational in two days.

In this research paper we delve into:
  1. What is agile marketing?
  2. What does the agile business model look like post-pandemic?
  3. How brands are consciously building for agility.
  4. The key components on an agile marketing team today.
  5. Setting up the agile processes and platform.

Key stats from the research