The modern creative

The Modern Creative ~ How can brands maintain creativity, originality and authenticity yet harness the power of AI based solutions in 2022?

Our final webinar of 2021 was a great way to end off this years series. 

Our panel included Vineet Raheja, Head of Creative at ITV, Rod Sobral, Global Chief Creative Officer at OLIVER and Gemma Poesaste, Business Strategy Director at OLIVER. 

With AI, the challenge is in how brands achieve the speed and automation they want, while also giving customers consistently positive experiences that engage with them. However, this is easier said than done.

Structuring teams so that AI can empower the creative process is key, especially nowadays with multi-channel approaches to marketing and vast swathes of data that pour in as a result. Specialists are needed to harness these insights and work alongside creatives.

Fundamentally, brands need to understand that human talent is the heart of a successful campaign. No matter how useful AI can be it cannot offer the winning elements that enable marketers to engage with customers on an emotional level.

Strike the balance and maintain your brand’s authenticity. Therefore, get the specialists who possess the knowledge to build and run these AI-supported teams is paramount.

You can read a full round up of the webinar HERE.

Previous webinars

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When does agility translate to effectiveness? Even growth?
And how will the latest agile practices lead to a bigger share of the market for brands in 2022?

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[Webinar] Travel & Leisure Locked-Down ~ TOP 10 Marketing Problems Solved

With lengthy lockdowns messing with people’s holidays and day-to-day leisure activities, it’s no secret that travel and leisure brands have been hit hardest by the pandemic.

So how will they make a comeback during this continued chaos?

In this webinar, experts will give solutions to the Top Ten challenges emerging as a result of prolonged consumer uncertainty.

Despite the ‘return to the pub’ memes and Hugging Safety Guidelines, research has found that many people still fear in-person encounters – with no signs of ‘normal’ returning until at least Winter 2022.

We look at the solutions that will bring stability and growth back to brands (and reassurance back to their customers) in this climate.

[Webinar] The Modern Creative: How to maintain creativity and originality in 2022

Brands are in a constant battle to adapt and meet consumer demand. This is especially true within the creative processes of marketing.

Many marketers still hold to an instinctual form of marketing that can stymie the power of originality and creativity; they have become reluctant to embrace AI-based technologies.

Automation raises fears of generic, undifferentiated advertisements within a marketplace already filled with ineffective content.

Much of it afflicted with ‘sameness.’ In fact, only a third of consumers find adverts to be useful in learning product information.

This suggests what we already know: Creativity is essential. Now, so is scalability – and this is where AI can shine.

[Webinar] Exclusivity vs Accessibility ~ 5 top marketing trends for luxury retail brands

Luxury retail brands felt the pain of the pandemic, as more consumers turned to essential spending rather than big-ticket items. From luxury travel to luxury beauty and luxury motors, these brands needed to find their customer online more than ever.

Today, standing digitally accelerated, luxury retailers are using technology to drive greater value into their brand and customer experiences. But they’re also looking for fresh ways to gain a competitive advantage; faced with the democratization of their category (caused by inflated competition), a broadening of the market (no longer saved for the super-rich, but accessible to all), and the need to do better marketing online with less time, less money and more channels than ever.

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