You & Mr Jones ~ OLIVER’s holding company ~ changes name to The Brandtech Group as founder David Jones looks to the future of marketing solutions for brands

Global brandtech group You & Mr Jones has announced a change in company name to The Brandtech Group.  

The move puts a spotlight on the positioning that has fuelled the group’s extraordinary growth since its launch in 2015, and the spectacular velocity of the overall brandtech category it pioneered.  

Founder and CEO David Jones said: “When I created the group six years ago there were two of us and You & Mr Jones seemed like a great name for a tiny start-up.  

“We’re now the world’s number one enterprise-level marketing technology group, and the largest global digital partner for some of the world’s biggest brands, we have more than 5,000 employees, 18 senior partners, and brandtech has gone from being an idea to being a huge category – so I felt it was time to reflect that by changing the name of the company.”  

When Jones founded the company in 2015, he used the term ‘brandtech’ to describe the ways technology could connect brands with people far beyond traditional advertising, and how it could help companies do their marketing better, faster and cheaper. 

In Jones’ latest founder letter, he predicts the future of brands and how the Metaverse will transform marketing in the digital world. (Read his article here.) 

Brandtech and future growth 

The concept of “brandtech” continues to be the engine behind the company’s innovation. With over 40% organic growth in 2021, The Brandtech Group has transformed the concept into a category of its own. 

In 2019, it acquired a majority stake in the Inside Ideas Group and OLIVER, giving clients access to the best tech on the planet. OLIVER has since recorded global year-on-year growth of 35%. 

The Brandtech Group includes tech-driven marketing companies, 55, Mofilm, Collectively, Gravity Road, Brandtech Consulting and Mobkoi, and holds strategic investments in leading technology businesses including, Niantic, AI Foundation, VidMob, Jivox, Zappar, EVRYTHNG, Automat, Blacktag and Beeswax.