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It’s no stroke of luck that ‘design-driven organisations are 69% more likely to have exceeded their business goals by a significant margin’ (Adobe, 2018 Digital Trends). Design is now fully recognised as a critical strategic business tool. And at OLIVER it’s provided by a team of managers, thinkers and designers. But at the heart of the team lies the creative output, the ideas and communications solutions, means of resolving clients’ communication challenges.

OLIVER’s business model means our teams are located far and wide, placed in the heart of the client environment. They respond to a variety of different challenges, much like most other agencies but all deliver on the same benchmark of quality and efficiency. With a rapidly growing range of clients and teams, the question is how do you maintain that requisite quality? Incentivise! An internal awards programme that embraces all creatives across all studios, provides a platform for celebrating creative excellence, pushing teams and individuals to go further, challenge the norm and clients while giving individuals the incentive to experiment and learn. It’s very much in its infancy but the programme has been fully embraced by everyone and is gaining recognition within client teams as well, for whom the benefits are quite clear! The OLIVER Awards programme cover: creativity, innovation and brand; recognising the business impact as much as the development of new ideas, tools and methods. The quality of work, the recognition of creativity and the impact it has on people and businesses is going through a rebirth. We’re now primed to continue this upward trend.

Integral to our philosophy and the service we provide to all clients, the quality of our creative output defines how clients and prospective employees alike view OLIVER. It remains in our interest to challenge ourselves to maintain the standard and build on our strengths from within. The awards are a way for the company to achieve this while recognising the value of creativity and design for client’s business and our own.

Lee Douglas


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