OLIVER Launches New Campaign for St Patrick’s Mental Health Services | OLIVER

OLIVER Ireland has rolled out a new campaign for St Patrick’s Mental Health Services called NoStigma which advocates a cultural change in attitude and approach to those experiencing mental health issues.

The campaign seeks to reframe the conversation around mental health stigma and discrimination by showing a positive impact when they are not experienced. It provides a unique perspective on the issue of mental health, which has become ever more relevant over the last five months, with the impact of the national lockdown and the continued disruption to normal life affecting our mental wellbeing.

According to Lee Douglas creative director, OLIVER: “Right now, we’re seeing a lot of organisations approach the subject of mental health, at work, at home or in the community. Unfortunately, it’s mostly with a continued negative slant. Working with the team at St Patrick’s, we wanted to challenge the standard, and build a sense of what life is like without stigma, so that we challenge everyone to see the person; be that a mum, son, work colleague or friend, and not through discrimination. We want to give the public a platform to share their own personal and positive experiences, where stigma and discrimination were removed.”

The campaign is running on digital, social and OOH platforms.


This article was originally published on ADWorld

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