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For many, the toughest leadership test is looming, how to make their business survive in an environment where a vaccine has yet to be fully distributed. The impact of the pandemic was felt by many agencies large and small across the globe. The outbreak has necessitated an abrupt shift in how marketers manage their business. Staying imaginative is the lifeblood of a marketing agency. However, it is hard to judge how agencies contain this imaginative rhythm when we are all working from home and our best practices may not be as effective as they were pre lockdown times as well as tighter restrictions being imposed nationwide. In saying this, the Coronavirus has also unleashed a revolution in education for marketers’ brand and agency and perhaps they have realised that this is an opportunity to pivot the business. This experience may have shed light on how brands can stay resilient in these tough times with the right messaging.

Always welcome change

It is unpredictable when a crisis may hit, and when it does marketers need to be ready to put other marketing strategies – that they invested time and money on – on hold. The ability to adapt, refocus and take advantage of new opportunities is a key factor. Saying goodbye to old marketing plans can be a tough pill to swallow but sometimes it reveals a marketing agency’s best interest and pushes forward an agency that is known as an entity that addresses peoples concern and is active in acknowledging them. We witnessed in 2020, not just a crisis, but a stream of crisis – health, social and economic crisis. It has interfered with every element of life in an unprecedented manner. However, as marketers pivoting towards a solution, bringing people together while staying safely apart and addressing consumer concerns is the way forward.

Focus on digital first

Going digital first is not a new concept; however it is now more important than ever to focus on technology tools to implement your marketing brand. People are no longer able to pop to the shops for a browse, instead they are forced to browse the online world. This inevitably puts businesses with a strong online presence ahead of the competition. Before the pandemic going digital first was in most cases a commodity, however the onset of the pandemic may have led to all businesses taking advantage of the power of social media and the online world. You could say that the pandemic has forced us to put more pressure on our online presence creating an image that will stand against other online users. These are the modifications marketers need to use to thrive in this new world.

Be Authentic

Even when there is not a crisis occurring it is extremely important to be authentic, however since the ongoing pandemic more marketers have had a shift on their online presence making consumers support ones that authentically stood out. Your audience can tell you if you are not being authentic about the difficulties of the current situation and will be less interested as a result. Competition for marketers has increased and it is forcing us to innovate, staying ahead of the curve. It is important to reinvent yourself and be creative.

Communication and cooperation are key

It is now more important than ever to check in with your clients and your employees to make sure that we are all overcoming the everyday work struggles of this pandemic.  Constantly communicate news about your company; update your website; update your social media pages; create content and show the world that your business is still thriving in these unforeseen times.


This article was originally published on the Irish Marketing Journal

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