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Bank of Ireland has launched a new nationwide campaign aimed at increasing awareness on fraud. The new campaign, created by Oliver Ireland and fronted by Emmy Award winning TV personality Baz Ashmawy will initially run to the end of 2020 across TV, radio, social media and PR.

Directed by Brian Durnin, and produced by Dublin based company Red Rage, the campaign explores some of the key, everyday tactics fraudsters use and encourages consumers with a rallying cry that “together, we won’t let the fraudsters win.”

Fraud awareness and prevention is a critical part of Bank of Ireland’s Financial Wellbeing Programme for customers and the campaign is timed to coincide with the busy Christmas shopping period, when more people than ever will be using cards and shopping online. Campaign research has shown that more than six in ten consumers are worried about being targeted by online fraudsters and a similar proportion intend to shop more online this Christmas compared to last year.

Commenting on the new campaign, Henry Dummer, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Bank of Ireland said: “Our brand purpose at Bank of Ireland is to enable our customers, colleagues and communities to thrive. This means looking after the financial wellbeing of our customers in a meaningful way through good times and bad, including empowering and protecting them around fraud. Fraudsters target customers of banks, utility companies and other organisations 24/7 and unfortunately we see first-hand the distress caused to those impacted. The campaign narrative explores some of the ways fraudsters target people, usually when we are just getting on with everyday life. Baz Ashmawy is a great fit and working with our partners Oliver Ireland and Red Rage we are delighted with the end result. The campaign provides tips and guidance to help customers identify potential fraud and is designed to help keep them safe. Our message is that working together, banks and consumers won’t let the fraudsters win, and we’re doing everything we can to protect customers and make that a reality.”


This article was originally published on ADWorld

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